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A devoted family man and resident of the picturesque town of Golden, BC. An avid lover of Volkswagen buses. His deep passion for these iconic vehicles goes beyond their appearance. To restore Volkswagen buses to their former glory, while sharing the dream with the public, hosting busses for people to stay in and enjoy the surroundings.

Through these interactions, he aims to inspire others and ignite their fascination and their smiles for these timeless classics. Restoring Volkswagen buses and creating opportunities for the public to experience their magic is a heartfelt endeavor that adds even more vibrancy to the person behind the magic

Hey there! I'm thrilled that you're interested in getting in touch. Feel free to reach out using the contact form below, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Your thoughts and ideas are valuable to me, and I can't wait to connect! 

Groovy, Thanks!

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