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Welcome to Camping in the Woods!

Thank you for checking out this
Bed n BUS-fest! 

As seen on TV, This is a “Rustic/Boutique” Camping experience, with group bookings available.


As a guest you should know..

Check in is 6pm

The mosquitoes are mostly trained to leave guests alone. However, a few rouge swarms have been know to leave the Columbia wetlands in search of campers. Your about to go Camping in the Woods … bring bug spray

The location of Camping in the Woods is 17 kms from the town of Golden and a pin address will be sent after booking.

Due to filming, the location is not advertised.


Each bus is equipped with the following:

A comfortable bed for two

A fire extinguisher

Luxurious regular pillows and bedding


Picnic table

Open fire grill (in accordance with provincial fire regulations)

What you bring:

You and your pals

Food and water

Bug spray and your camera

Your cups, plates, forks, and camping stuff.

Good vibes

Add ons are available for your Camping trip. Information available after booking.

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